Who We Are

We are a global family with generations of excellence
and innovation in apparel and home production.

Who We Are

We operate with the humanity and accountability of a multi-generational family endeavor.

Motives International produces for many of the largest and most well-known brands worldwide. We recognize that orders placed with Motives are not simply a request for product. The success of each order has a direct reflection on the person and teams placing that business with us. We take this responsibility seriously. Our founding partners believe that it can take years to build trust and minutes to lose it. We carry this principle with us through every aspect of production. We are proud to have clients who have produced with us for nearly 2 decades.

Each of our global clients has a unique set of quality standards and compliance requirements. We assign a Compliance Director to each account, to ensure that each of our customer’s needs are fully met. Our focus on quality control across the production timeline – from materials inspection (MQC) to final product - continues to be one of our distinguishing characteristics.

Motives HOME is a division of the Motives International brand focused on promoting and preserving the craft and artisan communities across Vietnam. We help to bring the unique skills of these artisans to the global marketplace, and to enhance the livelihood within these communities through ensuring fair trade practices.

Our products are made from natural materials sourced entirely within Vietnam. We focus on items made from Seagrass, Water Hyacinth, Jute, Rattan, Banana Bark, Cattail Leaves, Palm Leaves, Acacia Wood, Rubberwood, Bamboo and Bulrush. We also offer Poly-Rattan for customers exploring alternatives to natural Rattan.

Motives Home offers a range of products across Storage & Organization, Home Décor, Kitchen & Housewares, Bathroom & Laundry, Pets, and Lighting.


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How We Partner

While we understand that speed is vital, our global team is passionate about the work they do, providing meticulous attention to detail and a near obsessional dedication to excellence.

One of the many benefits of working closely with team members across the world is the ability to share ideas and design inspiration. Motives Home provides customers with on-trend design, as well as the ability to execute on their OEM/Private label needs.

With a core competency in Home products sourced from natural fibers, we have mastered the complex production needs of these artisan hand made goods.

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Around the Globe

Motives International has offices and factories in New York, Los Angeles, Ho Chi Minh, Dalian, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Berlin, Addis Ababa, Toulouse, and Dubai. We have over 500 team members worldwide.

Motives Home, a division of the Motives International brand, is based in Vietnam. We combine our competitive sourcing and production capacities with reliable services, to transform the ideas and designs of our customers into exceptional product.

Motives Home is proud to support Vietnamese artisans across the country and to actively engage in local initiatives. We work with communities across the country:

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  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Dalian
  • London
  • Barcelona
  • Tokyo
  • Berlin
  • Addis Ababa
  • Toulouse
  • Dubai
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