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Phu Vinh Village

  • The Phu Vinh Village is located in the Chuong My district, 21 miles West of Ha Noi and is famous for being the birthplace of weaving Bamboo and Rattan in Vietnam.
  • More than 400 years ago, the people of this area gathered storks’ feathers and brought them home to weave into hats and caps, which later evolved into harvesting Bamboo and Rattan to make household items such as baskets and trays. The weaving of these materials has since spread to other villages in the region and to more than 20 other provinces and cities across the country.
  • Thanks to the artisans’ sophisticated techniques and skillful craftmanship, the Phu Vinh villagers are known for their incredibly beautiful Bamboo and Rattan products that are sold here in the US, as well as Europe, Japan, and the Middle East.
woven vase

Kim Son Village

  • The Kim Son Village is located in the coastal province of Ninh Binh, located 79 miles South of Hanoi, and is one of the most renowned weaving villages of Seagrass, a tradition that began over 200 years ago.
  • Thanks to the delicate, handwoven skills, this village is home to more than 500 families and small businesses and is best known for making wide variety of home décor product including baskets, hampers, bowls, dishes, and many other items with interesting shapes and weaving patterns.
  • The artisans of this village possess unique handweaving skills that have been refined from one generation to the next and stand out among the Vietnamese handicraft villages.

Ngoc Dong Village

  • The Ngoc Dong Village is located in the province of Ha Nam, located 30 miles South of Hanoi and has a long-standing tradition of making Bamboo and Rattan handcrafted products.
  • This village is the most reputable for oblique and durable woven rattan products. They specialize in indoor/outdoor baskets, trays, dishes, and even large crates that are stable enough for sitting on!
  • The Bamboo and Rattan products coming from the Ngoc Dong Village strongly identify with ‘Vietnamese Soul’. Each woven line and knot are meticulously made by hand, and each item not only bear the personal artisans’ mark, but also the mark of Ngoc Dong’s hometown.
white woven baskets

Cao Lanh Village

  • The Cao Lanh Village is located in the province of Dong Thap, 90 miles West of Ho Chi Minh City. This village is relatively younger than most, but quickly growing!
  • The village is home to almost 800 people, specializing in weaving of Water Hyacinth, including products such as baskets, rugs, furniture, and home décor. Their artisans can offer a wide variety of weaving methods, such as rice nut, arrow weave, rolled & twisted weave, and more!

Cat Dang Village

  • The Cat Dang Village is located in the Nam Dinh province, 62 miles South of Hanoi and is the most famous Lacquer village in North Vietnam. It has been said that Lacquerware started in this village many centuries ago!
  • The skilled weavers choose their Bamboo poles very carefully and then soak them in water for 6 months to prevent fungus and termites.
  • Not only are they well-known for their high-quality products, unique materials and highly artistic designs, the lacquer products coming from the Cat Dang Village are also appreciated for their traditional beauty. Each finished product requires the weaver to be very meticulous, precise, and sophisticated in their methods in all stages of production to achieve perfection.
women making bowls
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