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Sourcing & Manufacturing

Motives International has managed production for many of the largest brands worldwide. We have over 500 employees to manage construction, costing, sampling, merchandising, production, and delivery. Our sales offices are located in New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Toulouse, Dubai and Barcelona. We can work on an FCA, FOB, POE, or DDP basis. The Motives HOME division is focused on sourcing and production within Vietnam.

Quality Control

We understand that our success is hinged on the success of our clients, and their success is dependent upon product arriving exactly as designed, on time, on budget and as specified. In short, beautifully done. These requirements are not mere suggestions, they are a way of life and one that we take very seriously.

To ensure we can deliver on this promise, we have over 120 quality control experts on staff to ensure a consistent, disciplined product of the highest standards. Independent quality control teams are continuously monitoring all our factories, to ensure that all criteria are maintained.

Throughout our entire operation, maximizing speed is another important priority, from sourcing to final delivery. Our teams are fully synchronized to maximize efficiency, even under extremely tight schedules, to meet our customer’s deadlines.

quality control testing
quality control checking materials
quality control carrying materials

Transparency & Compliance

If trust is built on one thing, it is transparency - an ethical imperative at Motives since our inception. Embracing transparency has been key to our success and continues to be a cornerstone of our ideology. We have always encouraged our customers to become directly engaged in our process, from sampling to factory production, from sourcing to compliance, we give them a clear window into everything that’s happening. This gives our customers control over how things are done in each step of the production process. This philosophy has helped Motives forge the many long-standing relationships built on trust - which is the hallmark of our offering and the reason our customers stay with us.

Compliance isn’t an inconvenience that we must get through; it is something that we believe defines, in part, who we are. It is the functional result of our philosophy of transparency and the substantiation of our ethical practices.

packing baskets
checking baskets

Further, a strict adherence to the highest compliance standards has a significant impact on our performance and reflects the honorable character of our business.

Our factories meet full compliance for all customers globally. Our compliance team in Vietnam is dedicated to ensuring that the requirements of each individual client are met.

Motives is committed to fair trade principles by partnering with factories and the respective local working communities on fair prices and payment, fair market wages, ensuring no child or forced labor, ensuring good working conditions, respect for the environment, and promoting fair and sustainable trade.

We are also dedicated to collaborating with customers on obtaining additional certifications as requested.

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employee trimming baskets
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